Not A Conclusion

So how do we connect to God?

Unfortunately, there’s not one single answer. Generally speaking, there are a few things we can try:

  1. Communicate with God. Words are optional. Our world is often one of details, but God made every little detail, so He sees and appreciates them as much or more than we do. Share the obsession!
  2. Find the manner of prayer which works best. Practice some that don’t work perfectly, but are more common, so you can fit in if needed. If you do best with action as prayer, then try to do those action prayers at a time when your head is empty and you can give it your full attention.
  3. If an emotion occurs, fine. If emotion does not occur, fine. If you don’t understand the emotion and it bothers you, get someone to explain it. If no one can and it bothers you, tell God ‘there’s this freaky emotion and I don’t know what it is’ and close the file. You may find out later. Or maybe not.
  4. Love is NOT a feeling. It may CAUSE feelings. Do onto others as you would have them do unto you, because that’s probably where your strengths are. Be reliable. Be responsible. Show integrity. And if you do feel the overwhelming urge to hug someone, that’s fine too (if it’s someone you don’t know well, it’s probably best to ask first). Love God by putting in the effort on your part to build a relationship with Him.
  5. It’s not that our ego’s are more massive than anyone else’s, but we do have trouble seeing beyond our own minds. There isn’t a great deal we can do about it since that is part of what autism IS, but we CAN learn and memorise by heart what other people generally do and do not like. It may seem like total nonsense to us, but it’s real enough to them, so we’re going to have to make an effort here. Again, they can’t help it. Their brains just work that way. Likewise, there are things that we know God likes and dislikes. (Although God is generally far more consistent and predictable in His likes and dislikes). Part of what He likes is all of us making an effort to get along, so it’s important that we give it our best shot.
  6. Give it your best shot. But ONLY your best shot. It is not required that we somehow try to be something that we are not. Very little else is required of us on this topic, since God is perfectly aware of what we can and cannot do.

There’s much more – feel free to contribute to this list in the comments.

On another note, a few people have indicated an interest in writing something for this blog, so hopefully we’ll be able to put up a guest-blog-entry by them soon. Contributions are always welcome – sharing our experiences and difficulties may help all of us.


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