In this blog, I’d like to share the results of an experiment I’ve been conducting over the past weeks.

Prayer has always been very challenging to me – at least, getting a hang of morning and evening prayers. After writing about prayer, I decided to see what would happen if I started to pray without words, only actions.

Well, for one, my icon corner has never been more decorated than it is now.  I made beeswax candles for the little hanging lamp, and some to put on the little table beneath the icon corner. So there are plenty of candles to light. (and also, due to feline interference, to blow out when I leave the icon corner, except for the hanging lamp)

Then I got flowers and put some with each icon, the remaining ones going in a vase on the table.

Intercessory prayers consist of two bowls, one filled with small stones. I transfer these stones, representing people, from one bowl to the other, one by one (although, quite quickly sometimes).

I make sure to do this when I have enough time to give it my full attention, and to brush aside any thoughts that wanted to interfere (like dishes not being done…) and only ACT. Although any remarks aimed towards God I did allow, but found that at some point, there were no words anymore there, either.

The result was a very peaceful and refreshed feeling, despite never once speaking or even opening a prayer book and despite not even looking to find such a feeling. All I did was, with all the attention I could muster, look after my icons as if looking after the actual people, with care and no particular expectation.





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